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About InterClust

InterClust is commited to provide solutions that empower business operations' platforms. It uses a mix of managerial and technological tools in order to deliver the adequate solution your operation needs. We are dedidated to support our clients seeking to solve a certain problem or increase their business profitability.

Clusters' Concept
InterClust is based on a clustered solutions concepts. Each cluster will include a set of services that will serve a certain market segment. Clusters will be expanding with time to embrace more and more services. Sometimes a combination of solutions from different clusters is used for certain business needs.

Customers' Needs Centric
We focus on the needs of our clients; being a solution to a problem, an increase in efficiency, managerial tools or a mix of all. We find the best match between the operation needs, and the latest solutions available.

The way it works
We have solutions that we handle starting from the development to the implementation and delivery stage. And on the other side, we have outsourced solutions available in the clusters, that are also used to serve businesses' platforms in the best way possible.

In-house development
InterClust has an in-house development team that provides solutions using the latest technological tools and processes' concepts. It's targeting solutions serving different business sizes.

Our clusters' members will provide their products
and services that will be available in InterClust's portfolio. By combining outsourced and in-house solutions we assure you that the proposed services will be optimal.



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